Sunday, February 05, 2006

have yarn, will travel

yay for new team members!!! i have been emailing people from the olympic list a little at a time, and so far, the response rate has been GREAT! i'm so glad you guys are interested and that i am not alone--didn't it seem like everyone else on the internet had already knitted their clapotis???

so--on to some training specifics. i recently finished winding my yarn (by hand--you should have seen the tangled mess i made out of one skein!), which is this fabulous hand-painted sportweight cashmere from axelle over at two pointy sticks. it feels like heaven, and i adore the colors! i bought this stuff months ago just for the clapotis, even though i knew there was no way in the world i was going to knit it till after the holidays--axelle had warned that the price of cashmere was about to universally increase, s o i got in under the wire. now, i can't wait to knit with it! (there are a bunch of pictures of clapotis knitted with this yarn in her cashmere gallery if you're interested.) i also bought a pair of wonderful rosewood needles from lantern moon, which my boyfriend promptly stole to make a stuffed rabbit--i will be stealing those back before friday!


Blogger Donna said...

Your boyfriend knits? Cool! My husband is the one who taught me to knit.

7:29 PM  
Blogger jackie said...

it's a blessing and a curse, donna. i taught him how, and he's really GOOD at it! he's already a yarn snob and a supply snob. his first project was made of forbidden cashmere on rosewood needles! cracks me up...

10:10 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

I am lusting after that yarn! In fact, I have just ordered some for myself in the Tender is the Night colorway. Can't wait to use it :)

10:25 AM  

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