Friday, February 24, 2006

progressing slowly and still hoping for the gold

i finally made some good progress last night! i watched (which really means listened to) all of the extended version of the two towers and most of the return of the king, and i knitted the whole time. i am about 2/3 of the way through the straight rows now, and totally regretting making this more stitches wide than the pattern says. i promised myself i wasn't posting another pic until this section is done. but i am still hopeful--i should get in about 3 good hours tonight, and i have set all of tomorrow aside for knitting. still crossing my fingers that i make it. and for everyone else still knitting, i am rooting for you guys!!!


Blogger Abandonada said...

The Lord of the Rings is an excellent choice. Frodo will struggle just as we all have struggled this past two weeks. You will prevail! Knit on!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Knithole said...

Good luck Jackie! Go, go, go! You can do this. I won inspite of all the odds against me. Running out yarn, ordering it and it showing up a day late! Just knit until your fingers bleed! :)

8:21 PM  

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