Friday, February 17, 2006

temporarily sidelined

Everyone's projects are looking fantatstic. I love to see all the beautiful yarns you have chosen. Mine was coming along very well, in fact much better than I expected until....I ran out of yarn. I had a feeling it would happen, even though my gauge worked perfectly and I'm using the same yarn used in the pattern (colorway-Motherlode). I made it to the second set of decreases in section 4 before I ran out. Luckily, I calculated this a couple of days ago and ordered another skein. Now I just have to wait for the mail and pray that the dye lot is not too far off. I'm posting a picture of what it looked like on Wednesday. Keep up the good work!!


Blogger Jocelyn said...

If you only ordered 3 skeins (as indicated by the pattern), I'm not surprised to hear that you ran out. On the Yahoo Group, many people said they needed close to 800 yards to get to the pattern size (even with the same gauge). At least you're not alone,and your work is beautiful.

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