Saturday, February 18, 2006

Checking in...

Here are a few shots of my progress. I have dropped 7 times and I am almost to the 8th. I have finished up half of the Section 3 repeats. Think I will make it in time?
I do have Monday in addition to the rest of the weekend 'cause school is out on that day. I might just make it, but it's going to be close. I just don't have a lot of knitting time during the week.

By the way, everyone's yarns are so pretty! I love the variety of things we are using. I am definitely going to do this one again. Next time a ribbon yarn, I think. I will try to post again tomorrow night with the next day's progress.


Blogger the stripey tiger said...

Go edna!! You are at the same point as me and I'm thniking I can make it too - maybe just maybe!!! It look great BTW :-) Stripey

3:43 AM  

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