Saturday, February 18, 2006

Feeling the pain ;}

So I'm feeling the pain - my butt hurts, from sitting on it all day; my left wrist hurts; my right thumb, at the wrist joint hurts. But, I'm sure pain is all part of being an Olympic athlete, right? I have enjoyed lots of movies today, and it's been incredibly cold, dreary, rainy and snowy. We were @ 72 yesterday and much, much colder today. Makes the perfect knitting weekend.

I'm about to drop my sixth stitch. I must say I am so incredibly thankful for this blog! It was this blog that showed me a better way - - no more stitch markers! You can see the point where I dumped the markers - talk about pain, man they caused a lot of hand/finger pain.

Ok, back to it now. I'll post more progress sometime next week - right now it's all about the knitting! Good luck to everyone! ;}


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