Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Clap is done

I was told about this team last week and sent off an email and joined. Over the weekend I knitted my fingers off and have finished my Clapotis. So all you others in the team, good luck and I look forward to reading about your Claps.

I couldn't believe it, I actually finished the clap in 19 days, on Friday I wasn't sure I would even finish it, but with a lot of stress in my life the past 2 weeks, well what else could I do but knit.

Sunday I was just into section 4 and I was on my last 2 balls of wool, I was about 3/4 through section 4 and down to 1 ball, I started to panic as the shop I bought the yarn from last year has closed down. I just kept on knitting through the damn heat of the day and last night around 10.30pm I finished it, I ended up with about 2 metres of yarn left. Boy was I happy.

The wool I used was Heirloom Heatherwood 8ply 100% Wool, it is an Australian Wool


Blogger Abandonada said...

Two meters of yarn left?? I imagine you were very nervous as you got closer to finishing. Congratuations! Your clapotis looks warm and snuggley.

9:47 AM  

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