Friday, February 10, 2006

started, frogged, started again

ok, i gotta say that i have had about enough of that whole knitting in a sports bar thing i was so excited about earlier today. my yarn and i are tired and smoky now, and boy does my back hurt from the horrible chair i was sitting in! tomorrow i will be knitting on my couch!!!

anyway--i started, knitted up into the increase rows, realized i was doing something stupid, frogged, restarted and knitted back up through the second repeat of the increase section. and people--i am done for today.

and boy--those opening ceremonies were a nit insane, weren't they? i couldn't even hear the sound, but what was with the flaming helmets, and the synchronized skating thing, and the anvil guy with the flame? it was like watching some post-modernist mix of the blue man group, cirque du soleil, and some warped leger paintings come to life. interesting to be sure. can't wait to see what the closing ceremonies are like!


Anonymous Chris said...

I barely kept my eyes open long enough to see the USA team march in. I forced myself to see Italy and then I was headed for bed.

If the commentators have to keep telling me what the symbolism is - then maybe it isn't working so well in the first place.

Also - I like her and everything - but Susan Serandon? I'm not getting why she was the US rep to carry in the olympic flag. Anyone know?

9:03 AM  

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