Wednesday, February 15, 2006

stuff to report, but not really so much progress, per se

i am impressed as all get-out with everyone's progress. i, myself, have nothing to report other than the fact that i need to tink back two rows because i have some weird hole i can't explain in the middle of my last set of increase rows. UGH! i am still going along, but my clapotis still looks like a big triangle. but i'll get there--I AM AM OLYMPIAN, DAMMIT! if i haven't dropped a stitch (on purpose) by tomorrow, i'll eat my hat. :)

notice that i have added a countdown for us on the sidebar, courtesy of anny purls's husband. it's set to end at 2pm EST on February 26th, and it will go from green to yellow to red as we start getting down to the wire. as if we needed more pressure! if you want the script for this countdown, just go to anny's blog and leave her a comment or email her. she's really nice and quick about mailing it out.

and finally, in other news, the knitting olympics are mentioned in time magazine! how cool is THAT!? although--i don't know how i feel about being called a "crafty couch potato." but still...


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