Sunday, February 26, 2006

Stumbled across

So I finished the Clap. But I'm not happy with it. The extra yarn I got for the "design feature" is the perfect color, but the gauge on the size 7s I was knitting with is too stiff. That means my shawl is all beautiful and drapey until you get to one end which is all stiff and pointy.

I know there are no do-overs in the Olympics. And I vowed to wear the mess at least once this week to make it officially done. Then I may have to rip it, rip it. If I just would have listened to that scared little voice inside my head when I started those two extra pattern repeats way back in section 2. The shawl would have been plenty wide without them and I'm sure I would have had enough yarn for a proper finish. Oh well. Lessons learned, I guess.

For a picture, go here.


Blogger jackie said...

goodness, emily--i am SO SORRY you ran out of that gorgeous yarn!!! there's no way you can get more of the same color variegated yarn, and just frog the sub yarn out? i am feeling your pain over here.

12:25 PM  

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