Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tink, tink, tink ...

... and besides that my yarn didn't want to do it!! I had said I'd use a handspun that screamed "ME, ME, ME" at me. Didn't work because it was a) too fine b) too dark and (c) not enough of it. I weighed and figured, and it would have been extremely close! Then the next yarn (handspun) on the shelf suggested that I use it. Not to be either. It was also too fine, and, besides that, it was somewhat scratchy. Ah, so off to the sewing room (where the knitting yarn resides) to find a candidate. It really wasn't too hard. I'm using Reynolds Coco in boring white that will go with everything! I'm not going to say how many times I tinked while trying to get this project started. Let's just say that I began at precisely 2pm and finally had a start by dinner time. The Opening Ceremonies were lovely (Italian culture with American music?), and I'm on my way. I'll post a picture on my blog later.


Blogger Susan said...

I tinked alot with my first one as well. I've even tinked a bit with this one, blegh! I am convinced it is a Plot to force us through some evil Clapotis knitting right-of-passage ;) Where is Kate Gilbert??? I think quit a few of us would have something to say to her! LOL

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