Saturday, February 11, 2006

Here's my progress from the opening ceremonies! I am not using markers as I did for my first Clapotis, which was heavy, crowded, and hurt my hands :) Instead, I am using a purl stitch to signify which stich to drop. I am also twisting my stitches before and after the purl on BOTH sides rather than just the knit side as described here. I think it makes the stitches on the edges nice and tight.

[edited 5 minutes later] - Can I just say "Ouchy!" this Noro is tough yarn... I've just had to put New Skin on the sore bits so I can keep knitting. It's also VERY twisty. I have to untwist every 2nd row, which will be a big pain when this thing gets large. Blegh!


Anonymous Chris said...

You're first Clapotis is beautiful. Also thanks for the tip about the purl stitch and stitching through the back on both sides. I didn't have enough time to make pretty stitch markers and I hate those stupid plastic ones, so the purl stitch is a cool idea.

Thanks for showing us your progress. I really like the color, even tho the yarn is killing your fingers.

1:57 PM  
Blogger jackie said...

wow--that looks FABULOUS, and i think it's worth the ouchie fingers! since this is my first clapotis, i am actually following the pattern almost as written, but if i do another one (and we all know i will!), i think i will use your purl stitch and no marker method. thanks for the tip!

6:59 PM  

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