Thursday, February 09, 2006

not enough time for training!

wow! i read chris's comment below about there being less than 24 hours till cast-on, and it actually made me panic a little bit! i haven't swatched yet! i need more stitch markers! i am kind of laughing at myself over here, but really--the pressure is on. i so hope i can finish this thing in time!

meanwhile--i am amazed at this whole event. i don't know if you guys have checked over at yarn harlot lately, but there are 3649 people listed on her knitting olympics page now!!! (i counted about 60 clapotis knitters, too!) and the media has noticed--there have been things about the knitting olympics on NPR,, and countless newspapers, blogs, and discussion groups online and all over the world. it's amazing how much we all want this kind of challenge, and what a community we have here. i LOVE it!

ok--i am going to stop pontificating now and run get some stitch markers at the craft store before i head home to weave in some loose ends on the scarf i just finished, finish up the last sleeve on this baby sweater, and attach two handles onto a felted bag i desperately want to felt tonight so i can free up my time and my needles for the clapotis. and if there's time for it--tonight i swatch!


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