Saturday, February 11, 2006

Is should be sleeping by now, but...

But I wanted to post this first :)
Tomorrow I can continue from the straight rows.
(And post a better pic taken on daylight...)

I´m actually quite proud of my self; my first pattern on foreign language _ever_ and I haven´t needed any help.
Not even a peek from the translated pattern! \o/
This has got me so hooked that I have five more patterns in english waiting and one on french in "to do- list"...

The yarn what I´m using now is quite "heavy", Schachenmayr nomotta Boston Multi Color, but I love the colour and the feel of the yarn.
Though I have already desided that I´m gonna make my second Clapotis from Alpaca and the third from Noro´s Silk Garden and the fourth... well ;) maybe it´s time to me go to bed cos the time in here is almost 1 am and kids will wake up at 7 am...


Blogger buttercup said...

I'm impressed! I couldn't even get through the increase rows without a major mistake and had to frog.

This pattern is addictive, even in my native language! Love the color and can't wait to see your progress.

8:44 AM  

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