Monday, February 20, 2006


Here's what confidence gets you: An error you make for five dropped stitches before you realize it. Also, a clapotis that will probably have the "style design" of a color change late in the pattern due to the knitter brashly picking a fat patty of yarn from the stash for the project that was missing its label so she knows not how many yards she has. I will tell you this, the skein is feeling mighty light just now and I'm just over half way through.

And the error? When it says in the pattern to ktbl the bar you pick up after you drop a stitch as well as the next stitch, yours truly added in a mental "k2tog" for no good reason. In my confidence, I didn't take a closer look at the pattern until after I dropped my 6th stitch.

Because I believe in the galloping horse theory (the mistake doesn't exist unless you can see it while galloping by the knitted item on a horse) (or is it when you're on the horse galloping by the people staring at the error-laden clapotis you're wearing?), I chose not to rip back. Yes, I'll be finishing injured (if I finish at all). It's like the bobbles that always keep the figure skaters from the gold.

For pictures, click here.


Blogger Abandonada said... mistakes visible in your photos. Yes!!! Knit on!

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